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    What did i learn from <The hunger games2catching fire>?

    1 Where there is oppression there is  resistance.people will always fight for themselves and their families.they can endure you for a short time for some reasons but not anyone  cant take himself higher than others,cant  rule others with hegemony.

    2 People always like to make simple things complex.honest,to face social dilemma honestly,is the shortest way to speed up humans s brilliant!Nice!

    3 All of us love heroes ,but to be a hero cant be better than to be yourself!To be yourself,to follow the happiness in your heart,it s an more meaningful and true life!To be yourself,not to be a tribute only for money or fame.

    4 people can rise  a hero,also can destroy a hero,when people rise a hero,they exaggerate his merits,when destroy a hero,they exaggerate his faults.

    5 If you have dreams ,then follow it!But we should pay attention to restrain our audacious ambition always!Keep an open mind,keep a free soul,don t go to extremes!

    6 People are self-serving always,Life is cruel sometimes.but we always need faith ,truth and frendship.only helping each other,winning together can bring progress to we need  honest to our heart,don t be hypocritical,restrain evil in our heart,dont point to our compatriots with guns,don t be a mockingjay.

    7  To be true is more powerful than to be kind.conformity is a killer to individuality and ego.


bigtreesmalltree's Profile Picture
People's Republic of China
in fact,i am not an artist,i am an advertising copywriter in a company.and i like writing something sometimes.about several months ago,i picked up the old hobby drawing again (when i was a little girl,i love drawing very much).then everything changed! i become a betrayer to writing and have a new sweetheart suddenly.and i don t have any regret at all!on the contrary,i feel so happy!i find a real me! i found deviant by accident,i really love here,it s amazing for me,i have learned a lot here,and i also met many amazing artists and nice friends here .
now i have a new aim,i want to be a cartoonist.i want to work on my favorite things,life is too short not to love your job.and i work hard for this.
if you want to know me more,
as a superwriter,haha,my articles are here:…
something on my QQ space…
maybe i need a boyfriend who is a little handsome(not too much ,haha),a little cool,a little cute;) and who think himself as a honest ,brave,humorous man,it s my okpucid :…

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